Hugh's Track - Club

The latest basement 1/32 club track in the Motor City is this really nice Artin track

4 lane setup by Mr. Hugh Hill (pictured below).  Hugh & his "buds" have put together over 150 feet of 4 lane track by combining three 4 lane Artin sets & bunches of straight track. Racing on the track is a real pleasure & it is hard to distinguish the racing on this smooth surface from turning laps on a high dollar routed track system.

Racing is intense competition as you can see on Eric's face above

Tim, above, stands at the high speed end of the track is the #1 marshal with those long arms.

A realistic fabricated grandstand and bits from the Artin sets make great decor.

Hugh directing "traffic"

Reggie on the left is a real ace on this track & "smiling" Bill on the right is running some real cool custom vintage NASCAR mods on the new Carrera vintage style cars to make "Buddy Baker" and other versions of the cars.

Race series anyone ?

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