Ray's Track (Club)

This all hand routed 3 lane track has copper tape for conductors and 3" lane spacing to allow racing for 1/32 scale. Workmanship on the track is first class as well as the workmanship on the gorgeous street rod in the garage complete with awesome hand fabricated billet aluminum parts.  Long straights make this track a really unique opportunity to let the motor wind out and scream to the max. The very slight kink on the back straight is a real challenge to brake and accelerate just at the right time & if not done properly you wind up "on your head" Scenery, not together when this initial picture was taken is now complete as shown in the new pics below. HO steel rail has also been added in the corners now which is a great aid for the magnet cars. Laps times have come down considerably since that change although even without the steel it was a blast to drive. When the track was new, traction with this surface was a substantial challenge although the more use the track gets the better it has been from deposits put down by the tires, the secret apparently in this is to avoid using lighter fluid to clean the silicones and just use water (good techtip here for routed track owners). Three conductor electrical plugs are used for controller hookups with trick adapters made using brass "barbed" fittings do a fantastic job of hanging onto alligator clip type controller leads. Racing on this is an absolute ball ! This track is located in Clinton Township, MI in a Northern suburb of Detroit. New pictures follow, PDL, inventor of the TSRF cars is shown in the center of the first picture racing for his first time on the new track.

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