The Professor Motor Story

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to the web home of the professor emeritus of model car racing,
Professor Motor.  Click away to have some fun.  We hope
you will be entertained and amused by our site and will enjoy and
benefit from the products and services we have to offer .. and
don't be shy .. ask us questions, and give us some feedback on
our design .. and please be patient if not all of this is working
.. our site is still being built.

...... professor.


inform, communicate, educate and entertain the great masses of
enthusiasts involved in modeling, model car racing, slot car
collecting and hobbies in general .... and along the way sell
some model car , motorsports or slot car goodies to help pay the

Motor History

good professor motor has been involved in model car racing and
motorsports for quite a while ... in 1961 the professor's granny
bought him a model racing set for Christmas which featured two
Mercedes 300SL sports cars racing on raised
"rails".  Rail racing, as some of you history
buffs out there may know .. was the forerunner of today's model
car (slot) racing.  The rest, as they say, is history.  More
detail about the professor and his exploits can be found on the
"biography" link.  The latest endeavor, ...
domain was created 10 February 1999.

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