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Welcome to "Tire Central". Listed below are the types of wheels and corresponding tires we offer with links to catalogs and related application and technical information.

"EURO" Style Wheels use an enlarged center diameter to retain the tire on the rim as illustrated to the left. These types of rims are most universally used in today's 1/32 RTR (ready to run) cars. They can be plastic press fit to a plain or knurled axle, or they can be machined aluminum or lighter weight magnesium secured by an Allen setscrew.

NSR WHEELS, INSERTS, COMBOS NSR from Italy makes beautifully machined ultra light weight wheels and "air system wheels" with an air chamber inside and combos of wheels and tires bonded together and trued for high performance. The NSR wheels are ideally used only with NSR axles / gears / bushings since axles are slightly undersize. A LARGE #4-40 setscrew (0.050" hex) prevents stripping. Catalog : NSR Wheels & Tires by Car : LINK

SLOTING PLUS WHEELS Sloting Plus wheels from Spain are "aerospace" quality and most do not require inserts. They fit 3/32" (2.37mm) axles & are ultra light 0.6 to 1.2g / wheel. Sloting Plus / NSR / tires & other tires fit. M2.5 setscrew (1.27mm <0.050"> hex) is used Catalog : LINK

BWA WHEELS & INSERTS BWA aluminum wheels from Canada use #3-48 setscrew (0.050" hex) or (LMP Wheels) a #2-56 (0.9mm hex) under tire rubber to allow maximum tire width. Their unique resin molded inserts require painting before assembly & gluing into the wheels. 3/32", 1/8", 1/16" plain bore and #5-40 thread wheels are available. Catalog : BWA Links : applications tires that fit

NINCO WHEELS & INSERTS NINCO ProRace light weight aluminum wheels use a M2 setscrew (0.9mm hex). These are available in 2.48mm (0.098") or 3/32" axle sizes and have available photo etched inserts. Plastic Ninco Brand wheels for RTR cars press fit onto a plain 2.48mm (0.098") axle and have very classic design themes. Catalog : Ninco

SLOT.IT WHEELS, INSERTS & STARTER KITS wheels use M2 setscrews (0.9mm hex) and fit any standard 3/32" axles. They are made in aluminum / light weight magnesium setscrew type and press-on plastic. Complete starter kits include axle, gear, wheels and bushings. Catalog : Links : silicone / urethane tires that fit tires that fit

SUPER WHEELS / CB DESIGN WHEELS Super Wheels and CB Design Wheels

Catalogs : Super Wheels CB Design Wheels tires that fit

Aluminum rims by Scalextric are "Sport Plus" tune up items - those fit unique 3mm Sport + Axles - Catalog : link

Plastic wheels/axle/gear/bushing assemblies that are parts for RTR cars are in the brand specific "service & high performance" catalogs by manufacturer : carrera revell / monogram ninco scalextric

Silicone Tires

MAXXTRAC(tm) TIRES are made using a new and unique compound of silicone & other rubbers in a high temperature, high pressure molding process. In our own "double blind" testing using multiple cars, multiple drivers on multiple tracks (comparing Super Tires, Maxxtrac(tm), Indy Grips, and NSR tires) in both magnet type and non-magnet racing - these tires ALWAYS PRODUCED THE BEST LAP TIMES ! These perform well and are durable on abrasive Ninco track surfaces where some other silicones chunk, tear and exhibit high rates of wear. Curved sidewalls are present just as in original tires and a part number is molded on the back side of the tires.




NEW COMPOUND INDY GRIPS SILICONE Catalog : link Detailed review : link


Cross reference by Car Brand Maxxtrac/Indy Grips/Road Huggers Silicones & Ortmanns : link

Tire Cross Reference for Super Tire Silicones / Yellow Dog Urethane Tires : link

Indy Grips / Ortmann Urethane / Maxxtrac Cross Reference :

Tires that fit BWA Rims :

Tires that fit Rims :

PROFESSOR MOTOR TIRE WEEGIES Tire "Weegies" help to solve the complex issue of tire fit to the non-standard rims that exist on today's slot racing cars. These "Weegie" O rings widen the center raised portion of the rims and help to hold the tire in place when it is subject to lateral forces during cornering. Multiple "weegies" can be used if necessary to make up the disparity between the wheel & tire which allows for a very wide range of tires to fit a wheel. "Weegies" work well with BOTH rubber tires and silicone tires. If multiple "weegies" are used on a single rim we would recommend to glue them in place with epoxy or superglue before the tire is installed. All 'weegies" are 0.040" (1mm) cross section & are available in the following sizes : PMTR1035 - Small Hub "Weegies" for F1 type hubs - 8 weegies/package PMTR1036 - Large Hub "Weegies" for non F1 (larger) hubs - 8 weegies/package - Catalog : Link

ORTMANN "SPEEDY WEASEL" URETHANE TIRES Ortmann brand urethane tires are made in Germany using a very painstaking hand molded process. As a result of the hand molded process you might find that the rear surface of the tire (not normally visible when mounted on the car) exhibits a crude appearance from the hand trimming to remove the tire from it's mold. In addition some run-out might be evident after the tire is mounted to the rim and minor porosity (bubbles) may be found in the outside surface of the tires. It is recommended that these tires be glued (superglue) to the rims and trued after mounting. The minor porosity in the tire surface will not harm the car performance in any way. Our testing indicates that these tires provide superb traction on many types of track surfaces and are the only tires made that rival the the performance of modern production Silicones. Ortmann vintage reproduction style tires are molded in a resin mold to reproduce all the original tire sidewall detail and tire brand markings. Catalog : Link

Rubber Tires

NSR NSR brand tires come in 3 compounds - "Supergrip" that is the original equipment tires on the NSR Cars - "Ultragrip" that is softer and higher performance (more grip) & "EXTREME" tires that are SUPER SOFT and have the best grip but very high wear rates. The NSR Ultragrip" and "Extreme" are highly favored by non-magnet racers in particular. For best performance it is highly recommended that the tires be bonded to the rims and trued.

NSR Rubber Tires - Supergrip / Ultragrip / Extreme - Catalog : link

SLOT.IT Tires come in a number of rubber compounds - Info : link

NINCO Ninco offers soft rubber ProRace & scale treaded tires Catalog : link

CARRERA Carrera soft 1/24 & original replacement 1/32 - Catalog : link

SLOTING PLUS Sloting Plus offers treaded & slick rubber - Catalog : link


H&R RACING H&R foam & solid silicone 1/24 wheels / tires Catalog : link

PRO TRACK Pro Track 1/24 Silicone Coated / Drag Foam & 1/16" axle Catalog : link

PARMA Parma makes conventional & fish rubber 1/24 foam Catalog : link

JK PRODUCTS JK has both wheelie bar wheels & setscrew foam Catalog : link

TSRF TSRF has both foam and rubber type tires in 1/32 and 1/24 Catalog : link

VINTAGE '60's Repro / Original Equipment - Vintage Wheels & Tires - These catalogs :

Wheels ETC Professor Motor Ortmann Concors D'Elegance