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If you have questions about the hobby of slot car racing this might be the place to get them answered.  We've tried to group the FAQ into some kind of order. This site developed as an idea put forth on a slot car discussion list. You may well have been directed to this site from that list. Questions are invited and, in fact, encouraged. If you have ideas or tips or even articles of your own and would like to contribute to the fount of knowledge, please contact anyone whose email address is on this site. If you have questions which are not answered here re: slot cars of any description in any scale, please feel free to ask the members on one of the lists. You must be a member of the list to post questions and answer threads. The links to join any of these slot car discussion lists are at the bottom of the page.

Please remember that all tips and answers are from people like who have contributed material from the goodness of their hearts.    No one is paid to write or add material or monitor this site. This is YOUR site and it will only become what you make it. Do not expect to find any panacea here...only ideas and tips from people at the forefront of the hobby since the early days. There is no 'one thing', no revelation, except where it comes to small items. Test and apply some of these ideas until you find what's right for your problem on your car. In full-size racing cars you'll hear drivers talking about 'the package' because that's what it takes to win races; the whole has to be right. Put these tips together and build your 'package' - but above all else, have fun!!