Professor Motor Ordering Information

Professor Motor is a Michigan USA based global company that imports, exports, manufactures and operates a local commercial raceway facility called Lightning Speedway(tm) in Saline Michigan. We offer safe encrypted online ordering for retail customers as well as our global network of authorized dealers. In our online shop we can accept American Express, Discover, JCB, VISA and MasterCard credit cards as well as PayPal payments for domestic and international orders. Orders from some countries such as Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia can not be accepted because of rampant credit card fraud in those areas. All orders are subject to a requirement that the credit card must be issued in the country where the goods are being shipped and for your protection we use global AVS (Address Verification Services) anti-fraud technology that requires the address and zip/postal code must exactly match what your card issuer has on file. Our new system features online real time inventory that has been proven to be 99.5%+ accurate so that it would be a very rare occurrence that we would be unable to fill your order exactly as placed. We pride ourselves on very careful packaging of your order to help insure damage free delivery and we make every effort possible to minimize the cost of shipping for you on any order placed.

Backorder / Preorder / Wish List Process - There are many situations possible when we may not have stock on an item that you want to order at the time when you are placing you order. This can be caused by an item that is in "PREORDER" status and has not yet been released by the manufacturer (our system will NOT show an "in stock" quantity), we may be temporarily out of stock as the result of a supply situation from one of our vendors or also it can be an issue where the product is not available because we internally need to manufacture that specific item in order to fulfill your order. Our company is very unique in that many items that carry a "PMTR" part number prefix we manufacture right here in Michigan and if the item you want carries that part number prefix it is highly likely we can fill your backorder by manufacturing to your order and still ship on a timely basis. BACKORDER OPTIONS - There are a number of ways that you can address the issue where we have something you want that is not immediately in stock. After some experience with our new online ordering system we have disabled the direct backorder placement as part of a normal order process because that would then cause your credit card to be pre-authorized and held for that amount or in the case of a PayPal payment you would be paying for merchandise that is not immediately in stock and in either of these cases we were concerned about how that would impact our customers. To work around this limitation the system dos have the capability to alert you when an itemis back in stock - Click on the link that is shown on the item "product page" for out of stock items that indicates "email me when back in stock" and our system will generate an automatic email to you when the item is again available and will provide a quick an easy link to "add to cart" and order that item directly or if you need a substantial quantities of any item please just send an email direct to us on : with any part numbers, quantities and delivery requirements.

PREORDERS : Whenever placing any preorder for merchandise not yet released it is NOT a problem to include those preorders with other items you want us to ship.

WISH LIST PROCESS - Your "wishlist" is associated with your unique account and allows you to save a listing of products that you might want to buy in the future. Simply click the "Add to Wish List" button on a product details page, and the product will be added to your wishlist. Your wishlist can be viewed at anytime by visiting this page on the link you will find as "View My Wishlist" after login. Whenever you're ready to purchase an item in your wishlist, simply click the product's "Add to cart" button on the Wish List page.

Order Issues / Feedback / Order Support - If you have questions, issues or just need help on any order or assistance of any kind please email us at : and we can then respond directly via email or call you on our "dime" if you include your phone number. Alternately please call us direct at either : (734) 316-2177 and we will get the right person on our staff to respond to any issue or provide the help needed.

We are pleased to report that the prior issue we had with our old web shopping system of not being functional with MAC computers has now been resolved. It is important to note, however, that you must have cookies enabled and security settings at "medium" in your web browser using any PC to enable the online system to be able to properly accumulate items added to your cart when shopping and to enable checkout and completion of your order.

Michigan Residents will be charged 6% Michigan sales tax on online or other purchases. Shipping - Retail orders in the CONTIGUOUS 48 U.S. STATES earn free shipping if the shippable (merchandise in stock) total is over $100 (there are some exceptions to free shipping for magazines and large/heavy chassis fixtures from Precision Slot Cars). General shipping practices - small orders will be shipped first class mail (in the USA) or first class airmail (international), FEDEX ground will be used for large and heavy orders shipped to the US 48 states, large orders outside the 48 states will be shipped USPS priority insured.

Product Returns : Please click here for our Return Policies and Procedures.

Thank you very much for your interest in shopping with Professor Motor.