Professor Motor
Return Policies and Procedures

We strive to pack all orders correctly, but at times we do make mistakes. Mistakes are more common on phone-in orders since it is difficult at times to hear, understand and correctly transcribe the items and quantities desired, so we would recommend using electronic ordering for best service. If we have shipped the wrong item(s):
  • If paid by credit card or PayPal, please call (734) 316-2177 or email ( and we will ship out the correct item right away. We will also instruct you on the method needed to return the wrong item(s) and will reimburse you in some way for the shipping back to us of the incorrect items. If we do not receive the miss-shipped item back within 4 weeks, we will assume you mean to keep that item and we will go ahead and bill your credit card or PayPal account.
  • If you are not able to give us a credit card, please call (734) 316-2177 or email ( and we will ship out the correct item right as soon as you have returned the mis-shipped item to us. We will also instruct you on the method needed to return the wrong item(s) and will reimburse you in some way for the shipping back to us of the incorrect items.

Defective Merchandise

Definition of Defective Merchandise

  • Merchandise that doesn't perform correctly right from the beginning, due to manufacturing defect. This must be new merchandise, not merchandise that has been used, and then it quit working/running.
  • Slot Cars that arrive with a broken part, i.e… a mirror or spoiler that has broken off.
  • Merchandise that doesn’t perform correctly after usage, (due to product defect, not due to crashes, or customer misuse) that is under manufacturer’s warranty. In general our manufacturers will work with you directly to repair or replace defective items that are under their warranty.

Concerns with Slot Cars or Cases

  • Display boxes cracked during shipping are not subject to refund or replacement. We check all display boxes before we ship them to be sure they are in good condition. However, they often arrive from the manufacturer with rub marks or signs of wear from shipping. None of the shipping carriers consider display boxes to have a value, only that they are to protect the merchandise. They will not reimburse us for cracked cases.
  • Slot cars are mass-produced, and are sold for the purpose of racing (unless the car comes in a collector box). We cannot guarantee that the paint job on your car will be perfect, and cannot take back cars as defective due to imperfections in paint jobs, or other minor flaws.
  • Cars that arrive in Collector boxes are personally inspected before we ship them, as we know the condition of the box itself is very important. Again, these cars are mass produced, (except for the very highest priced cars), and the best we or any dealer can do in such a situation is to sell you the best ones available within the limitations of the manufacturer's quality control. (We do refuse car boxes that are split or damaged and send them back to our distributors.)
  • Insuring your order is best, especially ones with collector cars in them. If your item is damaged in shipment, we will not be able to start a claim on your behalf unless it is insured.

Defective Merchandise Vendor Return Guidelines

  • SCX defectives are returned to SCX. Please email or call 877-729-2099877-729-2099 FREE with questions about defectives and for return authorization.
  • Ninco defectives/problems should be directed to
  • Carrera: Email Carrera technical dept:, provide a phone number so Carrera can call you. One of their team will work with you to help you fix the problem, or have you send it back directly to Carrera for repair or replacement. You can also call 1-609-409-85101-609-409-8510 to talk to the customer service department.
  • Scalextric-USA: Call 877-358-6405877-358-6405 FREE - ext. 114 Customer Service for technical questions or defective concerns. If they tell you then, that you need to work with us, please call us and we will give you an RMA number and exchange the item for you. See notes below on RMA instructions.
  • MG Electronics: Power supplies sold under the MG Electronics brand carry a one year manufacturers warranty and if found defective inside the warranty period they will be shipped directly back to the manufacturer using a UPS call tag issued by Professor Motor INC (Please DO NOT return any power supplies with issues to Professor Motor INC). Professor Motor INC will ship out a new replacement power supply when it is evident that the defective power supply has been shipped and is on the way back to the manufacturer.

All the above manufacturers have given our customers excellent service, but, please let us know if you have any problems, we will be glad to step in and help

All other manufacturers, email, give us a detailed description of the problem you are having, if we cannot help you troubleshoot and resolve the problem, we will provide instructions for return. All original packaging must accompany your return, as well as a copy of your invoice. Your product will be replaced or the purchase price will be refunded within 21 days of purchase. We will re-ship it to you via a standard shipping of our choice.

Attention International Customers

Due to the high costs of international shipping, we cannot pay for return shipping of defective products. We recommend that you have us ship your replacement back to you with your next order to reduce your shipping costs.

Merchandise Returned That Is Not Defective

Please call (734) 316-2177 or email in advance of any product return. All items must be returned in original condition; with all original packaging, so that we may be able to re-sell the merchandise. If merchandise is received in less than new condition; we will not be able to exchange or give you a refund, as we do not sell any used items in our store. All returns must be accompanied by receipt and mailed back to Professor Motor INC within 30 days of original purchase.
  • A 10% Restocking Fee will be charged for items returned that are over 10% of the total amount of your order. We will need to charge for our original shipping charges as well notably if free shipping was granted on the original order.
  • Exchanges: If you mistakenly order a wrong item and decide you need to exchange it for another one, please let us know, we will work with you on this. Our normal procedure is to have you pay freight on your return item, and on the item we have to reship you. No used items may be exchanged. Exchanges must happen at the same time of the return, as we don't keep track of any merchandise credits.
  • Sorry but we cannot take any returns on merchandise that has been used.