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Frankenslot FS88958 FS Speedflow Powerbase (PWM analogue)

Frankenslot FS88958 FS Speedflow Powerbase (PWM analogue)
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Frankenslot Speedflow Powerbase allows you to use your wireless controller for the analog operation of slot cars.
You get the best functionality in combination with our Triple* Wireless Controller. This uses our new high-speed protocol with a latency of 2ms and virtually stepless speed control. As a result, the combination Triple with the Powerbase plays in the absolute top league. State-of-the-art engine control technology from the automotive sector is used here.
But even older wireless controllers that only support the classic protocol can be expanded with the Speedflow Powerbase for analogue operation. Due to the classic protocol, the speed control is not as sensitive here and the latency is approx. 5 times higher, but still significantly lower than with digital use.
You need an analogue connection according to German assignment on your track / dual track with 4 mm banana plug on a positively regulated track. Thanks to the wide range of setting options, the combination of Triple Wireless Controller and Powerbase can be adjusted to a wide variety of cars, tracks and your personal driving style: shape of the gas curve, braking behavior, starting power, throttling of maximum power and infinitely variable selection of the controller style - from the transistor controller style to the PWM controller -Style. * the latest generation triple controller has an additional brake potentiometer ex works (no function in digital operation)
Weight approx. 168 grams
Voltage 6 - 20 volts for a maximum of 5 amps
The box has an integrated voltage limiter, which switches off at over 20 volts
Powerbase and Triple Wireless Controller together have 5 knobs for adjustment. In addition to the adjustability of the throttle curve already known from the WireOrLess, the Triple Wireless Controller has the option of setting the electronic brake for analogue operation. Practically stepless from free rolling to absolute emergency braking. The Powerbase itself comes with 3 additional knobs:
power max . - The "Power Max" rotary control allows you to throttle the maximum power. This works practically as if you reduce the supply voltage of the track for this track. To the far left, the power is limited to 50% of the maximum power - assuming the track voltage is 18 volts and you want to drive a car. Drive the Evo as if it were 14 volts. Reduce the voltage directly on the power base to the desired voltage without adjusting the power supply.
power min - With " Power Min " you can optimize the starting voltage for the car. Depending on your personal driving style, you use the lower gas range more or less. This can be eliminated by increasing the Power Min value. The starting voltage can be set up to half the maximum power. The car would then start off with 50% power.
Bite - The Bite dial allows you to set how directly the "off the throttle" affects the car. You can choose steplessly between a more "transistor controller-like" and "PWM controller-like" behavior. A high bite leads to a direct behavior, i.e. more like a PWM controller, while a small bite allows the motor to coast more, like a transistor controller.
Instructions for commissioning:
Switch on railway power Insert banana plug according to German assignment - green LED flashes slowly, yellow LED is off. Press the " Binding " button on the Power Base for 1 second - the green LED changes to a steady light
Binding with the wireless controller:
Press the switch button and slide the on/off switch forward - the green LED will flash quickly and the yellow LED will light up when using a triple controller. The yellow LED signals that the high-speed protocol is active. When operating with an Eco Wave controller or an older wireless controller or the thumb presses, the yellow LED does not light up as these do not support the high-speed protocol. Fast flashing of the green LED indicates active communication with the controller. If the controller is switched off, the green LED only flashes very slowly.
Power Base menu: Press both red and gray buttons for approx. 2 seconds. The yellow LED starts to flash quickly.
Now release the keys. The yellow LED flashes once, then the number of flashes of the green LED indicates which function is assigned to the switch button:
no blinking: the switch button has no function
Flashes 1x: the switch button switches off the motor, but allows it to roll without a brake
Flashes twice: the switch button switches off the motor and the brake works with the value set on the Triple Wireless Controller.
Flashes 3x: the switch button switches off the motor and the brakes work at maximum power, regardless of the value set on the controller.
Then the yellow LED flashes again and the game repeats itself. The configuration can be changed by pressing the gray button. The blinking of the green LED changes accordingly. To save the new state, press the "Binding" button again. The Powerbase is now back in normal operating mode.
Resetting to delivery status:
Hold both buttons down for about 10 seconds. After about 2 seconds, the yellow LED starts flashing quickly. The flashing stops after about 10 seconds. Finished.

Coding Frankenslot Controller to Speedflow Powerbase

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