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Frankenslot FSD328 Digital Carrera Decoder - NEW with GhostCar function

Frankenslot FSD328 Digital Carrera Decoder - NEW with GhostCar function
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1 Deocder D328 + 1 x IR diode supplied loose

Retrofit decoder for analog vehicles such as Carrera Exclusiv, BRM, Scaleauto, NSR, Thunder slot Carrera Evo, Scalextric etc.

compatible to Carrera Digital Protocol

suitable for the timing system Cockpit XP / Smart Race and Carrera

Real mode or rain tank simulation and speed reduction in the pit lane are supported

The decoder 124 may be incorporated into the models supplied directly dimension in all Exclusive Carrera and Digital (see Figure 3)

be glued (for multi-part chassis as Sideways / NSR etc.) or directly by means of double-sided tape in the chassis or on the motor mount.

For installation in models of the scale 1/32 the lateral wings are simply canceled careful

(Predetermined breaking point / milled slots are available), it remains a decoder in the basic dimensions of 18 x 32 mm

similar to Figure 4 - Mounting in karting

Installation instructions - see francs slot Wiki or here programming as video on YouTube

Web tension minimum 9 volts, max. 20 volts DC

the decoder is protected against reverse polarity supply side, the short circuit fuse is installed.

1.8 grams, 2.2 grams with wings

approved / can be used to 18D engines with up to 26,000 U / min - maximum continuous current of 2.0 A at 18 volts shortly 3A to 10 sec ..

In div. Motors such as BRM, RevoSlot, NSR, the brush fire disturbs the digital protocol, this is absolutely soldered a suppressor. See Figure 5

6 adjustable throttle curves with a 12 step adjustable gain, adjustable braking curves 5

the decoder has an option port is provided for firmware updates and future extensions.

Made in Germany - 2 years warranty + the option of a firmware update in the development / extension of functions

The new firmware can be uploaded when installed in the model - but not on the path to power supply!

Quick start Guide:

Connect to your adapter using a USB cable to your laptop or PC, in Garätemanager they find the number of the order occupied COM ports

To start the download

Start the D328.exe file - contact correctly the seven pins on Deocder - press the Federpins with feeling

Location of the one over the tantalum in the picture

press the one on the numeric keypad

Now enter the COM port number (for example, the 6 where the adapter is configured)

the green LED starts flashing - the process takes about 8 seconds

if the flash sequence is completed and the LED process is dauerthaft lights green at the decoder completed - they wait one second

Adapter stand - decoder is operational again

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