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MBSLOT MB15407B "Permanent" Light Kit Without LEDs

MBSLOT MB15407B "Permanent" Light Kit Without LEDs
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MBSLOT "Permanent" Light Kit Without LEDs (1 x PC Board, 1 x Inductor, 1 x Micro Toggle Switch)

MBSLOT has developed a lights kit with features which make it very unique and highly suitable for endurance races. The main characteristic is a CPU which controls a PWM, which allows a magnetic reed switch to switch on and off the lights and to control the LED lighting times. When the kit is completely out of power, after 3-4 seconds the lights are already completely on and functioning, when the kit is charged the lights remain functioning for at least 30-40 seconds. When the car is out of the slot or it is stationary on the track, after 2 seconds the lights start flashing for 20 seconds, then they switch off to save the charge for the start. In an endurance race, if the lane change took some minutes, the car would start again with the lights immediately on.

The magnetic sensor enables the the light kit system to switch the lights on and off with a magnet, making the operation easy and quick. If the car is not used for a long time with lights on, and the kit runs out of power, at the very moment when the car is put back on the track, the lights in this will keep the ON position and vice versa. The front lights flashing is different from the rear lights flashing, making the car out of lane very visible. The LEDs (light emitting diodes) have high brightness and they give a very bright light, but directed by the protective lens. When the car brakes the rear lights light up more than at usual driving. The PCB (printed circuit board) in this kit s the smallest you can find with all these features, and it is one of the smallest and lightest of all light kits made. Each LED is individually connected to the PCB so, in case a led broken, it would not compromise the functioning of the other LEDs. The inductor is added which is not essential but necessary with some motors which can create interference and disrupt the ideal functioning of the lights kit. This light kit can also work with a standard switch, but it must be connected to the kit power supply and not together with the magnetic switch.

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