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Super Wheels SWDFS Dual Flange System 1/32 Aluminum Setscrew Wheels

Super Wheels SWDFS Dual Flange System 1/32 Aluminum Setscrew Wheels
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Super Wheels Dual Flange System 1/32 Aluminum Setscrew Wheels for 3/32" (2.37mm) Axles - 2 Wheels / Package

Background : Most 1/32 slot car wheels available today employ a center “rib” to help keep the tire centered on the wheel. While slot car manufacturers may use the same wheel and tire combination for a small number of cars, as the number of cars introduced increases, so too does the number of different wheel designs and associated tires. With so many different center rib wheels, manufacturers and after market tire vendors often limit the number of tires available for a given wheel. The Super Wheels DF (Dual Flange) System takes a different approach by eliminating the center wheel rib altogether. A thin flange on the outer edges of the wheel holds the specially designed tires securely in place. Tires which are available in a wide variety of sizes are also part of the Super Wheels DF System. The result is a high-performance aluminum wheel and tire system which offers the following benefits:
  • Complete wheel and tire system designed for both novice and experienced (“serious”) racers alike. In addition to high-performance double flange wheels, the Super Wheels DF System includes twelve (12) different tires – 6 each in silicone (Super Tires Classic) and Urethane (Yellow Dog Super Tires) formulations. These tires were designed specifically for the Super Wheels DF with six (6) different outer diameters ranging from .750” to .840” (all tires are .375" wide). As a result, the Super Wheels DF system provides unprecedented flexibility and ease-of-use when it comes to tuning cars and determining the best tire size for a given application.
  • Outstanding performance due to consistent tire thickness across the entire width of the tire. Other manufacturer's center rib style wheels, particularly stock plastic wheels, tend to have manufacturing variances which can affect how well a tire “seats” when mounted on the wheel. Improperly seated tires will adversely affect the “trueness” and contact patch of the tire which in turn affects performance. Because the Super Wheels DF have no center rib, manufacturing tolerances are tighter across the entire width of the wheel. The specially designed Super Wheels DF tires seat themselves properly with very minimal effort. The result – improved wheel/tire concentricity which translates into better performance on the track.
  • Minimal tire movement and “lifting” due to the double-flange design. The outer flanges keep the tire centered on the wheel and help minimize/eliminate the outer tire edges from “rolling” when cornering. Because tire “lifting” during cornering is minimized, racers may find gluing the tires to the wheels is not necessary. If racers still prefer to glue their tires, the Super Wheels DF design makes this much easier than conventional wheels since there is no center rib to deal with.
  • Easy identification of Super Tires ® and Yellow Dog Super Tires ® which are part of the Super Wheels DF system. The inside sidewall of each tire includes a designator to easily identify the tires size/outer diameter.
  • Cost effective alternative to wheels and tires designed for a specific make/model application. Super Wheels DF and tires can be used (and reused) across a wide range of different manufacturer’s 1/32 slot cars.

The Super Wheels DF also inherit many of the proven design features of our popular Super Wheels SS. These features include:

  • True hubless design provides exceptional flexibility when adjusting the rear track width. This is particularly important when rules specify the wheel/tire must be completely inside the fender and/or a maximum track width.
  • Precision machined using state-of-the-art CNC machine tools which ensure Super Wheels DF are perfectly round and the axle bore is concentric with both the outer wheel surface and longitudinal axis of the axle.
  • Attractive five hole design complements a wide variety of 1/32 slot cars makes and models.
  • Easy to locate set screw using small dimple machined on inside of wheel. This is especially helpful if the tire is glued to the wheel and you can’t easily peel the tire back to locate the set screw.
  • Flexible design accepts Slot.it style 17mm wheel inserts if desired.

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