Wiring Schematic with Reversing Switches

The reversing switches are the double pole double throw guys illustrated by their 6 contacts in the rectangles on the right side of this schematic.  If you are looking for these types of switches, we offer heavy duty 16 amp ones by the way.  The criss-cross things on the switches are jumpers connecting the opposite corners of the switch terminals together.  You can use bare copper wire for those if careful not to let them touch and short out against anything as they jump across from one corner to another.  If adding in power taps to multiple points on the track, those need to be connected in between the switch and the track.

This schematic differs from a more conventional positive track wiring schematic in that the normal "ground" side common wire for the track wires themselves is no longer common, but instead independent going through the switch for each lane.

For an easily printable version click to get this in PDF format : PDF

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